Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Today's companies have to deal with exponential data growth. The companies also need to identify classic systems and storage that are not only fast and easy to manage but also cost effective. It is the route that most of the companies are adopting to optimize the utilization of storage. At the same time building in ease of flexibility and management along with the agility to broaden without sacrificing the ease of usage.

Our Managed Services allows you to deploy and run Business Critical applications with the confidence that we are watching over your Cloud round-the- clock through the year. The tools, the experience and the ITIL compliant service delivery framework provides assurance of a business-aligned, integrated and secure service delivery designed for performance optimization.

  • Cloud Storage Crests

  • Higher availability
  • Increased utilization of storage
  • Easy update and expansion, reduced downtime
  • Easy backup, restore and DR

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Development and Deployment of softwares without purchasing, installing with the help of computing platform which manages the supporting hardware and software systems and which makes the softwar solutions even easier. Individual developers working on web applications who don't have their on resources to build a whole team work on this solution.

    The benefits of PaaS

  • Develop applications and get to market faster
  • Deploy new web applications to the cloud in minutes
  • Reduce complexity with middleware as a service

Infrastructure as a Service (laaS)

For any enterprise in need of any Infrastructure can be given the utility over the internet creating a shared pool of resources is the main goal of this solution. Any sized company who wants to be in the management of hardware can use this solution.

    The benefits of IaaS

  • No need to invest in your own hardware
  • Infrastructure scales on demand to support dynamic workloads
  • Flexible, innovative services available on demand

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Using a subscription model with the fees as per the usage, the software is deployed as a hosted services delivered over the internet. Standardizing certain functions and gaining profit lilke CRM and payroll on a common platform can be provided for the Enterprise.

    The benefits of SaaS

  • You can sign up and rapidly start using innovative business apps
  • Apps and data are accessible from any connected computer
  • No data is lost if your computer breaks, as data is in the cloud
  • The service is able to dynamically scale to usage needs

Cloud Migration

The process of transitioning all or part of a company’s data, applications and services from on-site premises behind the firewall to the cloud, where the information can be provided over the Internet on an on-demand basis.

While a cloud migration can present numerous challenges and raise security concerns, cloud computing can also enable a company to potentially reduce capital expenditures and operating costs while also benefiting from the dynamic scaling, high availability, multi-tenancy and effective resource allocation advantages cloud-based computing offers.